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Jointed Carpet COLOR CARD:【Plain type】 【Stripe type】
Various colors for your choice to have colorful life. With anti-bacterial and anti-insects treatment, you will have a healthy environment.
Applications Modeling House, Show Room, Bedroom, Kid's Room, etc.
Composites Front Side: Synthetic needle punch fabric
Back Side: EVA form
Specifications 30 x 30 cm
45 x 45 cm
Metrics Conversion 30 x 30cm x 18pieces(1.65m2)
45 x 45cm x 8pieces(1.65m2)
*Keep warmth, sound absorbtion, anti-pollution.
*Easy to assemble and store.
*Light & slim; easy to be DIY..
*Versatile color combination to meet ones expectations..
*Additional anti-microbial or dust-repellent or water-repellent available.
【Picture shown below】